ToastMaster JASS | The Toastmaster in the Red Tailed Coat
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What is a Toastmaster?

buy gabapentin 300 mg for dogs In his bright red coat, that flash of colour that gives his very presence a touch of class, theatre, style and pzazz, he presides over your event making sure that everything runs smoothly and better than expected.

generic 60mg orlistat online But make no mistake, today’s modern Toastmaster is a Master-of-Ceremonies, events manager and co-ordinator, diplomat; calmer of nerves and stroker of dented egos, time-keeper and master of the safety pin.

There are MC’s but they do not have the knowledge and expertise of the trained Toastmaster.

What can I do for you?

John is a trained member of the Executive Guild of Toastmasters and Town Criers. This membership provides Public Liability Insurance  cover , whilst working at your event


Wedding day’s are not a dress rehearsal, you have only one chance ensure success, allow me to help you make it happen..

Master of Ceremonies

Organising an upcoming event?, hiring a Master of Ceremonies transforms  an event into a “Special Occasion.” It will take away all the stresses of the day, allowing everyone to relax and enjoy the occasion.

As well as providing light entertainment between  acts and activities, as  MC, I will play an understated  yet key role in the smooth running of any  event, be it a party, a wedding, a gig or any Corporate  occasion.

The Toastmaster in the red-tailed coat will take all the stresses and strains, leaving the couple, and their parents, to relax and enjoy the special day.

Where am I available?

Based in Andalucia , I am available nationwide and in the UK , to inject some ceremony into your ‘special occasion’, relieve you from the stress of the on-the-day organization and yet still retain that sense of fun. From greeting guests to helping your Photographer, announcing the Receiving Line, liaising with your Catering Manager to introducing the Speeches.

+34 665 254 396

Many thanks for speaking at our Grapevine luncheon today. You delivered! So good to start the New Year with lots of laughter

Cindy Barnes / Grapevine Luncheon Club, Marbella